Mitch Perry Report 4.28.14: The last days in Tallahassee

Today begins the last week of the legislative session in Tallahassee (though rumors persist that there may be a special session called to deal with casino gambling sometime later this year).

One of the bigger votes that should come up within the next couple of days is the bill offering in-state tuition at Florida universities for children of undocumented immigrants, sponsored by Jack Latvala. That bill apparently does have sufficient support in the Senate. Of course, like several other bills during this (and I suppose every) session, key legislators often find a way get a measure up for a vote, when it seemingly has already been killed. 

Last Friday the Senate appeared to have initially rejected a proposal that would allow Clearwater resident Jose Godinez-Samperio to qualify as a lawyer in Florida, despite his undocumented status. But then they broke for lunch and had another vote, and this time the measure passed. Now that proposal goes to the House.