Mitch Perry Report 8.13.12 - Palin not given a slot to speak at Tampa RNC

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Last week was filled with news about who will be getting speaking gigs at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. While we still await news on whether Marco Rubio or Chris Christie will give the keynote address, one GOP superstar who will not be speaking inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum, and that's Sarah Palin.

The 2008 VP issued a press release to her pal Greta Van Sustern last night, saying, "This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them."

So that's that, though we know that Palin has booked a facility at Channelside, and rumors persist that she's renting out area on Davis Islands at the end of this month....

So on to the man of the hour, Paul Ryan.

Last night on CBS' 60 Minutes, Ryan said he had offered "several years" of tax returns to Mitt Romney's vetting team, but, in synchronicity with his running mate, will only make public two years of those returns.

There have been lots of thoughtful analysis in the past 48 hours about how Ryan's pick might affect Mitt Romney's chances in Florida, since Ryan has made entitlement reform, particularly on Medicare, a big issue. Interestingly as Romney's bus tour travels to Florida today, Ryan has been sent to campaign in Iowa.

For those dissatisfied with the policies of both major political parties, there are many other choices you'll have in November, though of course their chances of winning are virtually nil. One of those is the Green Party, whose VP nominee, Cheri Honkala, made an appearance in Tampa last Friday.

Oh, and the Democrats went on record over the weekend as being in full support of same sex marriage.

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