Mitch Perry Report 9.10.13 - Florida Democrat woes continue

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The Orlando Sentinel's Aaron Deslatte wrote an article that came out yesterday about what is definitely conventional wisdom amongst those who follow Florida politics these days — that Rick Scott is no longer a major underdog in his bid for re-election next year.

Several pundits have speculated that if there's anybody who could blow what seems like a sure thing, it's Florida Democrats in 2014. But check out the quotes in the story from Alex Sink, who admits that it isn't a good thing that, other than Nan Rich, no major candidates have entered the gubernatorial campaign.

"It's a problem. Time's a-wasting," Sink told Deslatte. "By this time four years ago, I probably had $2 [million] or $3 million already."

That isn't the voice of someone who's about to enter a major race, is it? The former CFO and 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate promises that she'll "soon" inform the public about her intentions, but (as I've written before) it would be absolutely flabbergasting if Sink were to say she's back in it to win it. There's been nothing in her public remarks this year to ever indicate that she'll run again. Sure, she's quick to rip on the governor, but what Democrat hasn't done that over the past couple of years? It's a giant leap from commenting on the sidelines and getting into the arena. Sink knows all too well what it takes, and it just doesn't seem like she's willing to engage.

Another question: Do you really think that if there were any Democrats holding positions in the Florida Cabinet right now, there wouldn't be some Republicans already announced to try to defeat them next year? Let Pam Bondi keep on blowing off public executions for fundraisers, and there is no way to use that as a campaign issue, because the Dems don't have anyone serious running against her (yet). Nor do they have anybody to challenge CFO Jeff Atwater or Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. What else is new? (Oh, there's this whole Darryl Rouson situation, but let's not even go there.)

In other news, the healthcare exchanges for Obamacare go live in three weeks. The folks with Organizing For America will be holding a number of information sessions in Hillsborough County public libraries over the next month.

There are just 11 home games left for the Tampa Bay Rays in the regular season. Eleven more games that can lift the Rays out of the basement as the team with the worst attendance in the whole sport. Recent comments made by Mayor Foster and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig are starting to worry some Rays fans, including 98.7 The Fan, which has created a website to make sure the team doesn't leave the area.

To say it doesn't look like immigration reform will happen this year is a major understatement. Nevertheless, don't expect advocacy groups to stop pushing for the House to take up the Senate bill anytime soon. Yesterday in Tampa, a group led by some local Haitian-Americans called for the passage of that Senate bill.

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