Music links for Friday, Oct. 9: Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, Ozzy, Soulja Boy, Carly Simon, Phish, The Pixies, Oasis and more

  • Carly Simon is scheduling European concert dates for early next year.  This will be the first time she's played across the pond in her 38-year career.  Oh, Carly, you're so vain I'll bet you think this blog is about you.  Don't you?  Don't you?

  • Billy Ray Cyrus is urging daughter Miley to return to her tweeting ways, after she mysteriously deleted her Twitter account this week.  Daddy Cyrus is also the one that urged Miley to take those controversial photos with Annie Leibovitz last year.  Thank goodness that girl has someone to keep her on the right track.

  • Rick Springfield is not only guest starring on Showtime's Californication, but he'll be baring his backside.  That's one way to win Jessie's girl.

  • Phish have announced their fall tour dates across America, and have released a video online to promote the tour.  The vid brings a whole new meaning to Phish and (wood) chips, doesn't it?


  • Lady GaGa's new album, The Fame Monster, drops on Nov. 24 and is a re-release of her debut album with an additional eight songs.  What kind of monster will GaGa inevitably portray while touring for this album?  Maybe a literal translation as KW from Where the Wild Things Are?

  • Oasis is officially kaput, according to lead singer Liam Gallagher, after brother and band mate Noel Gallagher left the band in August.  Would someone please call their mother and get this rift sorted out?  Some of us aren't ready to let go of Oasis yet.

  • Death Cab for Cutie released their new video for "Meet Me on the Equinox," which is featured in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Watch it here and be reminded of how you will never escape this movie, even in Creative Loafing's music section.

  • The new musical based off of Green Day's 2004 album American Idiot is running in California to mixed reviews.  A showtune version of a grunge rock album definitely would have garnered more male interest in musical theater from the kids in my high school.

  • The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson has signed on with Disney Records to record two albums.  Wilson plans to work with unfinished songs by George and Ira Gershwin for one record and re-working classic Disney songs for the next.  The jury's out on this one.  This could be a disaster or a masterpiece.

A helping of music links to get you through the weekend.

  • Despite Thom Yorke's ongoing solo project, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien says the band will be releasing a physical album sometime next year.  I don't care if you give me something online or on vinyl — just keep on playing, Radiohead.
  • Amy Winehouse is "hopefully" going to be releasing an album in 2010, according to Island Records co-president Darcus Beese.  She'll also "hopefully" be sober next year.  And "hopefully" eat a cookie or two.  And "hopefully" wash her hair.
  • Ozzy Osbourne promises to answer fan questions in an upcoming issue of Uncut magazine, and inquiries are now being accepted online.  Whether or not anyone will be able to understand the answers he supplies remains to be seen.
  • Method Man was arrested for tax evasion in New York and now faces four years in prison.  Dude, didn't you learn anything about the legal system from your days on The Wire?
  • French electronic musician Alan Braxe has re-mixed Beyonce's new single, "Broken-Hearted Girl."  It doesn't matter how good it is, Braxe: Kanye's comin' after you.
  • The Pixies are releasing limited-edition CDs and digital downloads from their current tour, where they're playing Doolittle in its entirety.  Even the indie rock crowd is jumping on the digital bandwagon.  Are you taking note, Killers?
  • If you can't wait for Beck to release a new album, listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg's IRM ought to curb your appetite.  Beck wrote the album's music, co-wrote the lyrics, produced and mixed it, but it's still Gainsbourg's record.  Really.
  • Soulja Boy was arrested in Georgia for obstruction after telling police officers that people gathered at an abandoned home were there shooting a music video.  This is seriously the uncoolest thing a rapper has ever been arrested for.
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