My First Election

Or funny stories at the poll (my dad likes to tell how he took me, when I was two, to vote for Bill Clinton and I wouldn't pull the lever)?

For young voters--what prompted you to chose your political party affiliation? Has anybody joined the many Facebook groups of dedicated to election '08? How important is this election for you and how often does it come up in conversation?

Turning eighteen can mean: college, moving out, and the ability to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. When I turned 18, I was most excited about registering for the upcoming presidential election. It took me a while after my birthday to find the time, but I finally registered to vote two weeks ago at a voter-registration drive on SPC’s Tarpon Springs Campus.

This week, I signed myself up on mybarackobama, and submitted an application to assist where needed in the upcoming months. I support Obama because I believe in a woman’s right to choose, marriage for everyone and because I’m terrified of Sarah Palin (not to mention the fact my mother told me she’d disown me if I voted for McCain...I’m a fan of free food and housing).

Since then, I have received as many as three emails per day asking me to pass things on to my friends, get the word out, etc. Since I'm a first-time voter, I'm paying very close attention to this election. I'll be posting to the Daily Loaf blog with my reactions and ideas throughout this process. But I do have some questions: Any advice for a first time voter?

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