My First Election: Early voting worries

Each election day I went with him had an air of excitement and anticipation, and I was looking forward to experiencing that as a first time voter on November 4. But I cannot miss that test. So, I'm thinking of going to earn that little ‘I Voted!’ sticker on Saturday.

After reading Wayne Garcia's blog, I don’t feel comforted. Hopefully my experience won’t be so stressful. But I still have questions.

So: Have you early voted? Was your experience positive? Suggestions?

Also, this was sent to me by a close friend. I thought it was great that 7th graders were so engaged in this upcoming election.

The constant talk of early voting has me thinking. And seeking advice.

My genius of a professor decided to schedule a very important test on election day. Great. We all pleaded with her to push it back, after all, we’re so far ahead of the syllabus, she made another one up a few weeks ago. And if she wants to bring up that 65 percent passing rate, she could slow down while explaining rational functions. But I digress. Since her class is a morning class, and I’m in various classes until 5 Tuesday night, I am actually considering early voting. This is not something I wanted to consider; but, there is no makeup test, and there is no makeup election.

I feel like I’ll be missing out on experiencing the excitement of election day lines. My dad used to take me all the time to go vote with him, and during the 2003 mayoral election in Philadelphia, Temple University students followed him around to various voting places and made a documentary out of it...

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