Natural remedies to combat that pesky Swine Flu

The current swine flu is a hybrid of avian, swine and human flu factors. For people over 50, we’ve seen something like this before and our immunity might still be good enough to make this a minor illness. For younger folks, not so much. I was talking to a state health department official the other day, and he unofficially told me that all the cases of flu they are seeing these days are this H1N1 variety. I asked him what are the risk factors that seem to be associated with an increased risk of death, and his answer was immediate - “Obesity”. That’s it. Not diabetes or heart disease or old age or anything else.

So get to work on losing those extra pounds between now and the fall, when we are told to expect the newer, more virulent strains of this baby to be popping onto the stage again. Lay in a supply of face masks and some hand sanitizer. Get on some good vitamins now. If you have doubts about your immune system, begin to introduce more organic veggies and fruits, especially berries, as these have great antioxidant properties. Get some Flu Remedy, Oscillococcinum, before the crowds clean the shelves. Gelsemium is another remedy that was used in the 1918 pandemic that saved so many lives. Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and inexpensive. They work on babies and pets. They don’t have side effects and should be taken as early as possible at the onset of an illness. They are not preventatives, they are treatments. They are not the same as herbal remedies, which can also be very helpful. In fact, herbs like echinacea, goldenseal and cordyceps (a mushroom) will increase the number and fighting capability of your white blood cells. Transfer Factor, a component of colostrum (from cow’s milk), and beta glucans also empower the white cells.

Do a liver cleanse this summer. Eat lightly for a week, drink tons of clean water and take some liver assisting herbs and foods, - milk thistle, artichoke, asparagus, among others. Sulfur containing amino acids like SAMe and NAC really help boost liver function and make you feel good. (People who are allergic to sulfur containing compounds are not usually sensitive to these, but to be sure, just put a tiny bit under your tongue first and see if you have any swelling or redness, but it's not likely to happen.) Your vitality and health will improve and you will increase your resistance to illness.

Oh and don’t forget your fifteen minutes of sunshine (without sunscreen) with arms and face exposed (or other body parts – as many as you dare - if you’re worried about wrinkles). Vitamin D prevents illness, cancer, heart disease, depression and osteoporosis.

Fear of flu can be a motivator to get healthy, lose some weight and feel good about yourself. Come to think of it, why should you need a negative reason to do something positive for your body?

Swine flu is back on the front page again. Swine flu revisited demands a more careful reading of the pandemic idea and what it means to a highly susceptible population, most of whom have never seen a virus like this before.

So, according to the CDC, more than 40,000 cases have been confirmed in the US and territories to date. Of these, 263 have died. Not a big number. Yet. They are telling us to brace ourselves, although they did that numerous times before with other strains of flu that never materialized. In the famous 1918 pandemic, 85% died in some areas. Where homeopathic remedies were used, 85% survived. Hmm, first clue. No antibiotics, no vaccines were available at the time, and people were eating real food, not ersatz “food products” invented in a chemistry lab at Monsanto.


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