New Les Claypool video, "Red State Girl"

Bass playing maverick this upcoming Monday, June 1 — is currently celebrating the release of his second and most recent solo release, Of Fungi and Foe. This high quality slice of avant rock bizarrity is inspired by two soundtrack projects Claypool worked on last year, one for the Wii video game, Mushroom Men, about an ongoing civil war between Earth's small population of formerly regular fungi who, along with various other native flora and fauna, gained sentience from a comet that crashed to Earth); and the other for the forthcoming horror flick, Pig Hunt, described as "a guy's weekend of hunting gone wrong in the backwoods of Northern California, set amidst the chaos of marijuana, meth, rednecks, and a killer cult that worships a legendary 3,000 pound wild boar called 'The Ripper.'"

The first single to get video treatment, "Red State Girl," has the sort of weirdo feel you'd expect, with its players in freaky masks (are they presidents, or no-name cartoonish politicos?). Anyway, because I can't embed the video, all I can do is show you a screen shot (see below) and offer you a link to the actual YouTube vid — click here to check it out.

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