New poll reflects Florida's growing disapproval of Rick Scott; Paul Ryan's big proposal would end Medicare as we know it, and a PETA rep comes to USF to chastise Jim Norman's bill to ban animal videos: Mitch Perry Report 4.6.11

The first Quinnipiac poll published two months ago had Rick Scott at 35 percent support - but the vast majority (over 40 percent) said it was too early to form an opinion.  Nearly 100 days into his administration, the public feels like they now do have an idea of what Scott is up to, and they don't like it.

Yesterday was the day where virtually all members of the establishment press made sure to give Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan credit for having the "courage" to propose a budget that deals with entitlement programs that are the bane of our federal debt and deficit.  Too bad it's not at all realistic -unless you believe the only fair way to deal with the crises is to hit those who rely on govt. services like Medicare and Medicaid - but only proposes to reduce tax rates, not raise any.

PETA's Dan Matthews was at USF last night to denounce Jim Norman's much derided bill on preventing videos from being filmed at Florida farms.

And we continue to watch Marco Rubio grow more hawkish on the war in Libya.


the report here.

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