New survey says among Latino voters in Florida, Obama trails Romney by 39%

The results for President Obama aren't good, mirroring his unpopularity around the country. In the survey only 37 percent say they approve of his performance, and an overwhelming 57 percent say they do not. That's listed under "job approval." Magellan has a separate poll on his "image." That shows 40 percent in support and 55 percent disapproving.

Individually, Romney leads Obama by 10 points, Perry is over the president by 7 points, and yes, Michelle Bachmann has a one point lead over the former Illinois Senator in a mock, one-on-one confrontation.

In the U.S. Senate race, a generic Republican takes 43 percent of the vote, while Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson draws only 38 percent support.

Among the presumptive Big three candidates, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann, Magellan writes this:

None of the three Republican Presidential candidates have strong image ratings at this time. Among all
respondents, 38% have a favorable opinion of Mitt Romney and 40% have an
unfavorable opinion, and 20% have heard of Mitt Romney but do not have an
opinion of him. Rick Perry's image rating shows 33% having a favorable opinion of
him, 30% having an unfavorable opinion, and 28% having heard of him but do not
have an opinion of him. Michele Bachmann's image rating is upside down by 10
points, with 33% having a favorable opinion of her, 43% having an unfavorable
opinion, and 19% having heard of her but do not have an opinion.

Pardon our skepticism about this part of the poll. Magellan says that Obama is tanking among Latino voters. Since everyone else is down on the President these days, that's not surprising. But what is is the magnitude of the disparity that this survey shows.

According to Magellan, 62 percent of Hispanic voters support Mitt Romney and only 23 percent supporting Barack Obama. The Perry‐Obama ballot test among Hispanic voters finds 56 percent supporting Rick Perry and 25 percent supporting the President. The Bachmann‐Obama ballot test among Hispanic voters finds Michele Bachmann with 51 percent support and 30 percent for Barack Obama.

Now we know traditionally that Latino, or Hispanic voters in Florida skew more conservative, probably more so than Latinos nationally. Having said that, I'm hard pressed to find any other survey anywhere else in the nation that shows Obama that unpopular with this key demographic. So let's just say CL is a bit skeptical about this last part of the survey - for now, anyway.

  • Michelle Bachmann leads President Obama in Florida according to this survey

The GOP presidential race has been a bit funky this summer. Although the candidates have been doing their thing in Iowa, New Hampshire, and occasionally Florida, the lack of presidential debates (there was a gap of nearly two months between the 2nd and 3rd encounters) has created a lot of space to be filled by political reporters, who lately have been writing about the lack of satisfaction about the candidates running amongst some Republicans.

This week Paul Ryan officially dropped out, and Chris Christie has virtually done the same, what do we do now? How about discuss a new poll that may or may not have any relevance in 2012 here in Florida?

Yesterday Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies released the results of an autodial survey of 723 likely 2012 general election voters in Florida, fielded August 16th, 17th and 18th.

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