Nicotine condoms: Knocking out two bad habits at once

benzocaine and caffeine.

The distributor claims that the nicotine in the lube coating will be absorbed through the skin, giving the wearer more energy during sex.

While nicotine condoms aren't being marketed as a way to quit smoking, the implication is obvious. Unfortunately I doubt any of the anti-smoking ad campaigns directed at teens will endorse the message, "Quit smoking by having more safe sex."

Real or not, the idea of infusing stimulants into lube raises a number of questions. What if neither party smokes? Will they become addicted to having sex? Will users become addicted to this specific brand of condoms?

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The problem with most quit-smoking devices is that they aren't as cool as smoking. You have to wear a huge patch, gnaw on nasty gum, or puff on electronic vapor cigarettes. Wearing a condom coated with nicotine-infused lube to get your daily cigarette and sex fix is quite possibly the best idea ever for kicking the nasty habit of smoking, and having unprotected sex.

Reportedly the Swedish company, Pharmacia Latex Aktiebolaget, will produce the "Hooker NRT" condom distributed by Hotlogo and in 2010. This isn't the first time the Swedish company has experimented with using various household stimulants in their condoms. They also produced a condom coated with

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