Nine little questions for Geri-X

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I imagine that for Geri, this album is something of a destination. The exhalation of a breath held too long, the sigh of relief at the end of a storm. It seems like she has landed in a place both personally and musically where she has made some decisions and settled herself into a more peaceful bed. I’m not saying it’s entirely angst free, so those of you that search out singer songwriter types to get your angst on will not be disappointed. I guess I could try to compare her to another artist that you’ve already heard of, but I won’t. First of all, I personally find that to be bad music manners. (Stop asking musicians who they sound like- stop today.) Secondly, half of you will hate the comparison and half will love it, I lose either way. So, instead I will say that you should not buy this album because you like female singers who can play the guitar. You should buy it because it is fresh like the first day of summer. It is the perfect album for starting over, for popping into the CD player of the moving truck & driving halfway across the country. And it may make you feel, just a little bit, like everything is gonna be alright.

So, maybe you knew all of that already? A lot of people in the Tampa Bay area think they know Geri X. I asked her nine little questions, the same nine questions I’ll always ask. Let’s see how much you really know about the important stuff in her life.

V: What was the first full-length album that you bought with your own money?

GX: First full length album I bought with my own money was “Bleach” by Nirvana. Amazing.

V: Which comes first, the music or the lyrics? Please describe your songwriting habits.

GX: The music and the lyrics come simultaneously. I write songs in full sentences with the melody. It just pours out of my brain. 

V: Has any fan ever just knocked you over with a story about how your music affected his or her life in some way? Or have you had an odd experience with any fans? Like, do you have a stalker yet?

GX: I have all three. Since I wrote “When I Die” I've gotten a lot of fan mail from fans that have lost loved ones and played the song at the eulogy, and it has gotten them through the grief. We also have crazy fans that argue with us about songs. Like the song “Talent is a Torture.” We have a fan that used to yell at me and tell me that I was all wrong and how could I say something like that when talent is a gift. Just ridiculous. And yes, unfortunately we have many stalkers. : /

V: What is the best live show you have ever seen?

GX: I accidentally ended up at a Killers concert with a friend who had free tickets. The Killers are an impeccable studio band but don't live up to the sound live. The Dublin band called The Zutons that opened for them was absolutely amazing. They were just electric. Still one of my all time favorite shows.

V: What band do you think you could totally be best friends with, if only you could meet them?

GX:I think we would definitely be best friends with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. They're not so much bands but two incredible storytellers and musicians. If only we had the chance to meet them, gosh...

V: Besides your own, what other band name do you wish you had chosen? It can be taken already.

GX: Man, I wish we could have come up with The Misfits. Ha-ha.

V:  Say you have a favorite little sister, just about to make her first album, not signed to a label yet. What will you share with her that you wish you’d known?

GX: Giving advice is always hard because you can't follow your own advice let alone give it out. But the one thing I would tell her is: don't listen to anything anyone tells you. Always follow your gut even if people are trying to stop you. Only you know your goal, and you know how to achieve it, so do what you need to do to make it happen.

V: What is the dumbest or most annoying question you're asked by journalists or fans? Please answer it for us.

GX: I was once asked on national TV in an interview about our new record “Anthems of a Mended Heart: "Is your music inspired a lot by the oppression of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire?”   ... Let me tell you something... The height of the Ottoman Empire rule was like in the 16th or 17th century or something like that. I think that he just googled Bulgaria before the interview. And my answer is a very confused and dumbfounded: No?!

V: Imagine your band were a child, who would be your band parents? Like, maybe your mom is Led Zeppelin & your dad is The Beatles. But, don’t choose those two, they must be taken (and unrealistic for any band to claim).

GX: Our mom would be Edie Brickell and our dad would be Radiohead. Confusing relationship. Ha-ha .



What do you really know about Geri-X? She is a singer songwriter with a band in her name, a band currently based in my little beach town- St. Petersburg, FL. Why am I asking her nine questions? Well, primarily because I've had her CD playing in my car for a couple of months now and I think you should know more about her & it. This is a local group that doesn’t sound local, they sound beyond this place, and beyond all the places of their past. Their latest album is called “Anthems of a Mended Heart.”

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