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Because we could all use a break …

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Joe Newton
No Problem

DEAR READERS: Last week was made of problems. The bombing of the Boston Marathon, the explosion that leveled a small town in Texas, the rising tide of antigay violence in France, the North Koreans being North Korean. And when I sat down to write this week’s column — while the manhunt was still under way for the second bomber in Boston — it occurred to me that the last thing the world needs right now is more problems. So instead of the usual sex problems, STI problems, CPOS problems, and DTMFA problems, this week I’m only running letters from people who don’t really have problems. Because we could all use a break.

No problem here. I’m a straight 36-year-old guy. My wife has always been great about indulging my kinks—some femdom role play, lots of OTK spankings, rare D/s three-ways—so when she announced at age 34 that she had a kink of her own, I regarded it as my mission to make it happen. We just got back from a trip to see a safe and trustworthy friend in Los Angeles who “paid” me to have sex with my wife. (He put 20 $100 bills on the bar at the hotel, but it was money that I had given him.) My wife was so turned on, but she was also grateful. When it was over, she kept saying how much she loved me for being the person who made her paid-for-sex fantasy come true. People who stand in the way of their partner’s fantasies don’t realize what they’re depriving themselves of—so much love and gratitude!

Her Sub Pimp

Thanks for sharing, HSP!

Whenever this female college student studies, she gets incredibly horny! At peak times during the semester, when I am constantly reading or studying, I find it almost impossible to go more than a couple of hours without having to masturbate. The more aroused I get, the less focused I am, so denying the feeling is not a solution in my experience. But there are definitely times when my productivity is negatively affected by my need to relieve myself. I have an active sex life! I am not bored sexually or mentally! Is there a physiological explanation for this?

Lady Hits The Books

Some people are turned on by completely random shit, LHTB, and no one quite knows why. Probably something to do with our big brains — I mean, just think of all those billions of nerve endings, all those synapses making connections, all those formative childhood experiences that get all synapsed up and become adult erotic obsessions. Think of all that and then count your lucky stars that studying turns you on. If there were a way to bottle and sell your kink, LHTB, no one would ever need to take Adderall again.

I’m a 19-year-old newbie lesbian Dom starting a relationship with a smart, sexy, wildly kinky 22-year-old. We share a lot of fetishes and our relationship so far could not be better. One issue: She’s very, very into latex clothes. I have a severe allergy, to the point where I would probably need to be hospitalized if she wore latex clothing. I want to work around this; she’s been GGG about anal, which was something I wanted to explore. She did that for me, and I want to do this for her. Is there a good alternative to latex?

Thanks In Advance

There’s no working around an allergy so severe it can land you in the hospital — and with everything else you two have going for you, TIA, forgoing latex is the price of admission your new girlfriend should be willing to pay.

I am an 18-year-old British queer girl who was recently involved with an older woman while visiting the United States. She told me about your “campsite rule,” and she followed it to the letter and was generally wonderful. I’ve since moved back to London and told everyone I know about your column. As a result, there’s a small group of teens running around North London that adores you. I hope we can spread your excellent advice and make as many people as possible into GGG partners.


Thanks for the lovely note, CC, and tell the older woman I said thanks — for honoring the campsite rule and for helping to build my readership in the UK by turning you on to my column.

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