No rubber equals no pleasure

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I am what many may call a protection queen.  If you want to put your man parts into my girl parts you better be covered.  It's a very simple rule, no sex without a condom.  There are many reasons I feel this way - I don't want an STD, I don't want to get pregnant, and I like my vagina as it is:  pretty, smooth, and pink.

Not all swingers live by this same rules.  I hear stories from other swingers quite frequently that they were either unsure if the male partner used a condom or pretty sure he didn't.  A word of advice, be certain your partner is wearing a condom every time. Put it on yourself every time if you have to.

I have found that some swingers feel that if they are DD free and you claim to be as well, then they are safe to ride bareback.  I don't understand this thinking.  Yes, I am DD free, but I don't know that you truly are.  Why subject myself to this risk?   

On several occasions men have tried to slip themselves in without a condom.  Guys let me explain this -  don't come near me with that thing flying commando.  I don't care if you will pull out when you cum or that you claim to get tested on a regular basis - the answer is still NO.  Any attempt in any form of touching me skin to skin will lead to a promt kick out of the bedroom.

I admit that condoms are not 100% fool proof.  Even the safest sex leaves the opportunity for something unpleasant to occur.  STD's are a possibility since my skin is not completely protected by a condom or the unfortunate occurance of a broken condom are always possible.  My only response either of these scenarios is that we only live our lives one time, please enjoy it.  I wear a seatbelt in my car and yet if I am in accident I might still be terribly hurt.  Do I still drive a car? Yes. Risk is an inherent part of  life. Everyone must make his or her individual choice on sex and condoms.  My choice is sex yes, but only with a condom.

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