No shortage of Jackasses in town.

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In reading their most recent account on Hickman's webpage I found it ironic that they have a few buttons promoting activities and parks in Hickman with names like Hay Day Celebration, Stagecoach State Park, and Wagon Train State Park. The buttons linking to those things are proudly displayed to the left of the story describing the Council's eviction of Peter Rabbit who evidently refuses to leave. Also ironic: The son of the horse's owner was actually on the City Council back in 1988 when the ordinance banning livestock was voted on ... and he voted for it.

After reading that tidbit I found myself singing "10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife,  like meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife, and isn't it ironic?" ... you know the rest, c'mon, sing along.

Who will it hurt to leave the horse on the four-acre pasture for the rest of its days? I wonder what else the Hickman City Council has on its plate. Will there be real hay at the Hay Day Celebration? How do we plan for traffic in a town of just over 1,000? These must be burning issues but more importantly how can we get rid of our one ancient horse who has been a lifetime resident?

I initially feared the same fate for the last horse that will be left standing here in Hillsborough one day soon if we continue to elect puppets for developers on the BOCC, but I quickly came up with a plan for Hillsborough's last horse: Name the horse as an owner of a development company and then have it contribute heavily to 5 or 6 commissioners. While they are clearly pro-sprawl, for the right horse (or jackass) I bet they would even make a motion to build a stable down at County Center citing economic development -- or how about going green? The building has already proven its ability to house bullshit quite well.

I hope Peter Rabbit's owner turns out to be mule enough to fight the jackasses and keep his horse where it is.

sound_off by PostiA follow up on my post about the one horse town with no shortage of Jackasses, the verdict is in and the long ears win. Or at least it seems that way.

The Hickman City Council voted 4-2 NOT to adopt a new ordinance that would have grandfathered in old Peter Rabbit, 32, allowing him to live out his days in the pasture where he was born. All that national attention for the town of Hickman and it only swayed one more vote over to the horse. Their contact now button is up and working when I tried it recently and I kindly gave them my thoughts on the issue — kindly.

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