Not even hundreds of millions of dollars can reunite Guns N' Roses.

Musicradar reports Slash saw offers in the hundreds of millions:

"I don't think there's ever a chance of a reunion," the guitarist told GQ. "Things were so abrasive by the time I left, I've never thought, 'Oh, wouldn't it be nice to get back together.' Because I know it wouldn't!"

Recalling his last Guns N' Roses tour with singer Axl Rose in 1993, Slash likened it to "an ongoing exercise in how we could bond the least. It just got worse and worse."

The guitarist said that he has not spoken with Rose in 13 years.

As for the actual amount he was offered to reunite the band, Slash said, "I can't remember exact numbers, but it's excessive. Oh, you know - seven, eight-digit kinds of things."

When asked by GQ if the figure was in the hundreds of millions, Slash answered, "Yeah."

Even though he's still a member of the dormant Velvet Revolver (the band is currently searching for a new singer) and is about to release a much-anticipated solo album, the 44-year-old Slash said that it's "sad" that he and Axl Rose can't reconcile their differences.

"When we were on stage we were a real force together," he said. "But it got to a point off stage where it was impossible for us to even be in the same room together and create any music. So it's sad that something so good doesn't exist anymore, even though we're both still alive and on the same planet. But that's all."

Excluding the Weird Al Yankovic phase of my youth, the first album I ever purchased was Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I ($5 used on cassette from Sound Exchange of Brandon). GNR always held a place close to my heart, despite the punchline Axl Rose and his revolving door backing lineup have become. Since I never saw them live in their prime, I caught their St. Pete Times Forum show in '06 against my better judgement. How awful was it? As Axl's anonymous guitarists traded solos for ten minutes, I'm pretty sure they played Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful."

Nonetheless, all the pissing on the GNR legacy Axl Rose has done since the late 90s could probably be forgiven if Axl, and at least Slash and Duff could patch things up long enough to tour. But this brings up an interesting philosophical question. How much money would convince to reconcile with some jerk you haven't spoken one word to in thirteen years?

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