Nyah Nyah Nyah, Florida Didn't Screw Up

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Just a few glitches were reported (several hundred ballots' worth, out of
4.5 million votes). Among the disappointed observers was the Al Jazeera
channel, which was in the house all day (actually, correspondent Nasser
Hssaini ["H-s-s" is what it says here], in a Tallahassee park doing live
feeds for the Arab world). [Tallahassee Democrat]

The Sarasota Sheriff Had a Worse Day Than the Elections Supervisor
First, deputies misread a mailbox number and, guns drawn, no-knocked their
way into a house, and after everyone had (figuratively, at least) wet their
pants, deputies discovered that they really wanted the house next door. So
they went next door and knocked and caught the right guy. But 20
minutes later they no-knocked back into the first house because a
henchman on the warrant was named "Darryl McNeal" whereas one of the
innocents in the first house said his name was "Durrell Jones," which
obviously meant that he was Darryl using a false last name. But sometimes,
Durrell Jones is just Durrell Jones. [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

Much More Information Needed
Gina Brunelas, 44, who was a crime-scene investigator in Lake Worth, pleaded
guilty to arranging trysts with boys aged 16 and 17, after soliciting them
by saying that her husband Ñ "the general" Ñ would be away. Also,
she allegedly told one of the kids that she had had younger lovers
before Ñ when "the general" was away. Don't tell me you don't want to
know more about . . "the general." [Palm Beach Post]

Your Daily Loser
That would be the guy ("guy" is a guess) who felt the need to trespass onto
Tom Breitsprecher's property in Brandon and fatally stomp the 14 penned-up
ducklings during the night Monday. A $500 reward is on the table. [Tampa

More Things To Worry About Today
The "monster" mold at the Logan Heights Apts in Sanford is apparently so bad
that it has jumped from the walls to residents' clothes, and the manager
could address the problem if that darned corporate office would just return
his calls [WKMG-TV (Orlando)] . . . . . Florida Atlantic University is
drawing poorly for football this year, which naturally means it needs a
$147m domed stadium; build it and they will, may, possibly,
hopefully, come [Palm Beach Post] . . . . . Arguments were heard at the U.S.
Court of Appeals in Atlanta on several Florida newspapers' demand that
recalcitrant FEMA hand over records of money disbursements so that, since
FEMA won't seriously check for fraud, the newspapers can [Associated Press
via South Florida Sun-Sentinel
] . . . . . For some reason, online war games
players from several Florida cities chose Haggerty High in Oviedo as the
site for gathering, in the dead of night Monday, to scurry around in battle
(whatever live battle means to online war games players) [WFTV-TV (Orlando)]
. . . . . The Pasco County school board voted to reinstate a suicidal
teacher who had attempted The Only Way Out when she failed a Spanish
certification test (after the principal originally had figured, well, she
might not be a good role model for how test-takers should deal with failure)
[St. Petersburg Times].

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