Objectum Sexual: She loves the Berlin Wall and he loves a VW Beetle named Vanilla (videos)

Edward Smith is unapologetic about his lifelong love affair with a 1974 Volkswagon Bettle named Vanilla. He also has a small harem of other cars he keeps in perfect condition at his rural home in Washington state.

Psychologists believe that "Objectum Sexuals" are otherwise normal people whose sexual and romantic responses somehow become fixed to physical objects during their critical imprinting period.

Whether they'll admit it or not, most guys can at least understand the urge to love your car, especially the first car you owned when you were sixteen.

Eiffel's history is a bit darker. While she first experienced a sexual connection to the wall in 1985, when she was around 13 and the wall was an omnipresent icon of the Cold War, her passion for physical objects may have been solidified by an unfortunate incident that happened when she was a young woman. In 1993, while training to become an officer in the US Airforce, Eiffel was sexually assaulted. She was able to defend herself with a Japanese training sword. However, she was given a medical discharge for PTSD because she refused to stop sleeping with the sword that had protected her. Under such circumstances, it is easy to understand why one would prefer the comforts of indestructible, physical objects to humans. Eiffel also just so happens to be a world class archer. One can only speculate how her passion for physically imposing objects has fueled her training.

Watch the below videos on Eiffel and Smith and check out more on "Taboo" on the National Geographic Channel, Sunday, June 12 at 9PM ET/PT.

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  • Smith and his lover, Vanilla

"I feel how hungry you are to be loved, with an open heart, not with a chisel and hammer," whispers Erika Eiffel as she caresses a section of the Berlin Wall.

Eiffel is emotionally, mentally, and yes, physically in love with the Berlin Wall. She moved to Germany to be closer to her lover and she even has models of the wall which she sleep with each night.

This is not Eiffel's only lover. In 2007 she married the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel is the most vocal and celebrated objectophile in the world, but she is not alone.

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