October is Fair Trade Month: Be a conscious consumer!

What is Fair Trade? If you don’t know the answer to this this right now, October is a month in which you will probably learn all about it. That is because it officially known as Fair Trade Month, and is a time when many green products as well fairtrade and handmade goods will be widely advertised and sold.

So, back to that explanation of Fair Trade; generally it is viewed as a trade system designed to give more equitable terms to global producers. It involves such things as supply chain, ethical labor, and fair payments for goods. This means that an organized movement exists for helping producers in developing countries to create sustainable businesses and to compete in the global markets, but in a way that is not unethical or bad for the environment.

Some of the things most often created under Fair Trade standards include clothing, recycled jewelry, and all kinds of recycled bags. There are also many food products produced in this way too.

At GoGreenItems.com, shoppers can find an amazing array of recycled and green products that use Fair Trade and handmade standards, but which are also remarkably modern too.

For example, the huge number of recycled purses includes those made from seatbelt fabric, recycled juice boxes, newspapers and phone books, and even recycled rubber. The company also offers recycled jewelry items made from old LPs (records), paper, reclaimed wood, and glass too.

They will be placing a lot of emphasis on these items during the month of October in order to promote the purchase of such mindful and beneficial goods. In fact, it helps to know that ALL of their jewelry, bags, and clothing are made under Fair Trade standards.

This is a great way to get ahead on any Go green holiday initiatives. Just consider all of your friends and co-workers who would love to know that the bangle bracelet or dangling pair of earrings they have received were made in a way that benefited hundreds of people while doing no harm to the planet. Consider too all of the friends who would greatly appreciate stylish recycled purses or recycled bags also created by a cooperative that provided work for a few hundred families as well.

GoGreenItems.com is a source for recycled bags and purses and recycled jewelry, clothing, green gadgets and solar gadgets, and even personal care products too. The site also has some great options in green products for pets as well.

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