On War

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"War, like fear, also has a smell. And now we are starting to breathe its fetid odor in our lands."
Subcomandante Marcos, a Zapatista leader, in a speech suggesting he believes military conflict with the Mexican government is imminent

"Wars are to kill people and destroy things. We aren't doing that following our occupation. Granted we kill a few and sometimes the enemy blows up cars, buses and police offices but the WAR as in the traditional sense does not exist. The WAR IS OVER! Say that with me five times, 'The WAR IS OVER!'"
From a post by "DuctTape" in the online forums of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, in response to a letter to the editor asking why there haven't been more antiwar demonstrations

"I think that it's time we put an end to this prank war."
Bayside principal Belding, speaking to Valley principal "Stinky" Stigwell in Saved By the Bell

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