Online dating ads: what NOT to do

face and a full clothed body shot is adequate to peak someone's attention.  Leave some things to the imagination.  Make potential mates have to work to see you naked.

Take time to craft your opening line. If your line says "Single Again!" this tells me that being single is a continual state for you and perhaps there is a reason for this.  "Looking for my soulmate" is another opener that will scare away daters, especially men.  Maybe you will find your soul mate online, but claiming that your looking for this makes you look desperate and crazy. Tone it down.

Consider where you post your ad. Listing yourself on Craigslist is easy and free, but it also conveys the message that you are easy and free. Sites like Craigslist will only draw those looking for a quick romp.  Search for a quality dating site that has many members and profiles that don't just feature women who look like they are paid to be beautiful.

Be realistic. A site featuring profiles of averagely attractive people is superior to one featuring pictures stolen from webcam girls. If you find yourself chatting with an impossibly hot woman who wants to have sex right away, chances are you're talking to a prostitute, a transvestite, or someone who otherwise wants to hustle you.

Specialize. Every dating niche has a specific lingo for dating profiles. Swingers for instance post a somewhat different kind of dating ad.  The sole purpose of  a swinger as is to find sex.  Personally I don't need to be enticed by well-crafted lies about who you are on the inside before meeting you. Briefly demonstrating that you have a sense of humor will go much further than claiming you like long walks on the beach or even saying that you have a great sense of humor. The general rule is show the values you are claiming through your language rather than just flat out listing abstract attributes. Similar to a regular personals ad, sometimes a little tease is better than the whole enchilada.  The excitement of swinging is newness and discovery.  If you give away everything, there isn't anything to seek.  Those who display every inch of their naked body on their ads are at risk of attracting picture collectors rather than serious swingers.

Take time to write your ad and find the best pictures ever.  Trust me when I say it will pay off!

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If your online dating profile lacks responses, especially if you're a woman, you need to reconsider the virtual face you're presenting. Remember, when potential mates are flipping through profiles, first impressions are everything.

The most important part of your ad is the picture. Studies have shown that even a picture of an unattractive person gets more positive feedback than no picture at all. Pictures of your dog or one from your 1968 yearbook are equally as bad. So if you don't have one, smile for the camera and slap a face or body shot on your profile.

Your picture is the first thing that will catch a potential partner's attention. A sexy photo of you in your bedroom might attract  more attention, but if your bedroom is covered with garbage and dirty clothes it might be a deterrent.  If you can't clean up your bedroom enough for a quick picture, are you going to spend the time to properly clean up for a date?

Don't give everything away in your photo. A good shot of your

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