Osama Bin Laden dead: The story in Tweets


Obama's anticipated remarks on the death of Osama Bin Laden lit up the Tweetosphere big-time. (When Marlee Matlin and Ryan Seacrest are twittering about world news, you know it's big.)

From assorted TwitWits:

@Johngcole: bin Laden dead. Does this mean I can stop taking off my shoes at the fucking airport?

@ScienceLifeNY: barack obama is going to announce he is indeed osama bin laden sent back from the future to kill....osama bin laden.

@lehmo23: Osama bin Laden dead! Confirmation just through that Karl Stefanovic will be interviewing his corpse this week for 60 minutes

@lehmo23: Bin Laden dead! Obama dusts off his hands and says, 'I think we can all agree that was $23 trillion well spent. As you were afghanistan!'

@chrisboyer: Remember, Osama bin Laden is not dead until Donald Trump has seen the death certificate. (via @sarahmaclean)

@danielbuerge_la: They cancel 24 and in less than a year Osama Bin Laden turns up dead. Coincidence? I think not!

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