Oscar snub, Barry Bonds and the Rays

And Ralph Nader throws his hat back in the ring

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McCain disputes New York Times lobbyist affair story
What, a presidential candidate can't knock off a little strange now and then?

Iorio urged to put pricey downtown park on hold
Upon reflection, $15 million does seem a tad steep for a homeless refuge.

Hal Holbrook
Screwed out of a supporting-actor Oscar; worse, Academy eliminates category, "Best Mark Twain Impersonation"

Fallout continues in Chef Irvine resume-padding
Rumor spreads that Paula Deen uses I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Rays might pursue Barry Bonds
Team wants to supplant Jose Canseco on its internal "Most 'Roided Player" list.

Raul Castro presidency ushers in new era for Cuba
He orders 15 dissidents to be merely "beaten to within an inch of their lives" rather than summarily executed.

Nader running for president
Sorry, Ralph, but McCain already has the cranky-old-man-vote locked down.

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