Woman jailed for threatening judge, racist rally poorly attended

You know, the usual.

click to enlarge Woman jailed for threatening judge, racist rally poorly attended

Welcome to Monday.


The Florida state legislature declined to hold a special session to look at clarifying the state's "Stand Your Ground" law, voting along party lines to ignore the fact that the law as written pretty much makes it OK to murder people. One might think shoring that shit up might be a priority.

A 33-year-old Pasco County idiot was the first adult charged under a new post-Parkland shooting law for threatening a judge on social media. Hey dummy, stupid kids do that.


A Republican candidate for the state legislature doubled down after the media accused her of lying about graduating from college by posing for a picture with a fake diploma. You gotta respect her commitment to the bit, but c'mon, y'all.


Hundreds of people stood on Bay area beaches and linked hands to protest red tide. Because that'll fix it. (Luckily for Pinellas County, the FWC says the massive algae bloom isn't headed our way.)

And finally, a "Unite The Right 2" rally in planned in Washington DC to mark the one-year anniversary of the day a neo-Nazi asshole killed an activist with his car in Charlottesville, VA was a total bust, as only a couple dozen bigots showed up because they're made of sugar and thought they would melt in the rain. Always remember, "to preserve western European heritage" is a racist thing.

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