Penis adventures in the world of genital desensitizers

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wear a condom, or several. Some men with PE, or those who simply want to last longer than their standard fifteen minutes, may now consider adding a desensitizing agent to their sexual repertoire such as Shunga Erotic Art's Male Desensitizer.

The active ingredient in Male Desensitizer is 7.5% Benzocaine, a common local anesthetic and pain reliever found in many over-the-counter ointments. Users are instructed to apply 3 to 8 squirts 5 to 10 minutes before use. I went with 5. As I sat waiting for the product to kick in, I wrote the following reflection:  "While Male Desensitizer is advertised as being specially formulated to work slowly so as to help you learn to regulate your orgasm cycle, it strikes me that sex products are most effective if they can offer instant gratification, like condoms or lube. In the heat of the moment, very few men have the self control to stop the action for five minutes to wait for a product to kick in. There's also the question of explaining exactly what you're squirting on your Freud stick to a new partner, with whom you'll likely have the most difficulties with PE. With that said, this five minutes may be a great time to dedicate to performing oral sex on your waiting partner."

After five minutes my penis felt as numb as my arm does when I sleep on it wrong. It was anesthetized and unresponsive to my physical coaxing. I pulled out the big guns: some big booty clips of porn star Delilah Strong. Although my dick is usually obedient to this type of visual and audible stimulation, it took a good five minutes of coaxing before it came to full attention. To be fair the desensitizer only added to the mental and physical calluses I've built up from reviewing porns. That and for the five minutes after applying the ointment I was engaged in the inherently unsexy act of writing.  If you suffer from serious PE, you may have easily sustained an erection while waiting for the ointment to kick in, especially if this five minute period involves warming up your partner.

I then test drove the ointment with the help of The Maven masturbation sleeve. My penis was noticeably desensitized before gradually returning to its normal sensitivity level. While conducting various experiments on my numb penis, several points occured to me.

Safety: When using any desensitizer, you should be extremely cautious of injury. Nerve endings are designed to help you avoid injury by recognizing pain. When you block these sensations, you leave yourself open to injuries you may not feel until after the ointment wears off. This is particularly important for any kind of manual stimulation either by yourself or your partner.

Condoms: This particular desensitizer is condom compatible, which will add another level of desensitization. Make sure to check any similar products if you plan to incorporate them into your safe sex routine. This is the main reason I wouldn't recommend experimenting with topical pain killers you can buy at the drug store. Many creams, especially those that are gelatinous or silicone based, will compromise the integrity of condoms.

Your partner's sensitivity: Unfortunately this product has the possibility of not only numbing your own genitals, but your partners. This may be another reason to wear a condom to keep the ointment from rubbing off.

Anal sex: A desensitizer is ideal for both partners during anal sex. If used inside and outside of your condom, it will help relax your partner's muscles. However, you must be increasingly mindful not to speed up the thrusting of your desensitized penis beyond your partner's comfort level.

Shunga Erotic Art's Male Desensitizer sells for $24.95 and can be purchased online at

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I'm usually eager to volunteer my penis as a lab rat for sex products, but when Shunga Erotic Art contacted me about sampling their new Male Desensitizer, I was a bit hesitant. This initial trepidation returned five minutes after applying the product when my penis had curled up in my lap to take an etherized nap.

While Viagra has caused an upwelling of products to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), less importance as been placed on that other pesky penis issue at the opposite end of the sexual spectrum: premature ejaculation (PE). Because most new male initiates to the world of sex suffer from PE during their first few sexual encounters, PE is often dismissed as one of immaturity. However I suspect that just as many young men suffer from chronic PE as older men deal with ED.

For a long time the solution to premature ejaculation was to

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