Penis Hype

Penis Hype

I had to devote an entire blog to this subject.  Thanks Ernie for your comments and questions that prompted this response.  I hope it doesn’t get too irrational for you. I know I’m a woman and we tend to get that way.

The example of Dick using his giant penis to get women to take care of him and how I could be sure he wasn’t, is because he has his own job, home, vehicle and he’s not depending on his girlfriend to do this for him, unlike Harry.  It was more of a reference to Dick’s manhood than his actual penis.   For clarification Harry had the giant penis and no he wasn’t the first under 21 year old male I’ve had hot sex with.  Nor to be the last, I can assure you of that.

Since when do women love big penises?  Does the beginning of time count? Since when do women hate big penises?  Does the beginning of time count?  It all depends on the woman. Yes, some above average penises can make a woman experience discomfort, but if properly excited, penis size really isn’t an issue.   When women get sexually aroused they go through a process called “tenting” where the vagina expands an inch in length and doubles its width, this along with vagina “sweating” the moistening of the vaginal walls, prepares women to take on that above average penis with ease and comfort.

Women do value sexual skill no matter what size her lover is, but if it’s too small to get the job done, then it’s too small to get the job done.  A women isn’t wrong or mean for knowing that she needs a bigger penis to fully satisfy her sexual needs.

Romance is great and highly valued, however, if I’m in love and life is bliss and he couldn’t make me any happier and then after I’ve waited, I decide it’s time to make him cum and BAM…he’s got a pinkie, romance is going to die.  The build up for the let down will kill all romance because of the disappointment.   Now if he truly is a small penis great lover than he’s going to either strap on a bigger dick to fuck me with or he’s going to buy me a big glass cock and use that to bring me to my orgasm.

I have to admit though,  I do love dick no matter the size!  I’ve had small ones, big ones, medium ones, giant ones and 1 so small that my pinkie finger was bigger than this dick.  But you know something, I fucked him anyway.  It wasn’t the size of his penis that turned me on, it was everything else about him.  Now don’t get me wrong, once was ENOUGH for the pint size pickle ride, but this man was so secure in his manhood that he whipped his dick out with pride.  It may have been the smallest penis I’d ever seen but he wouldn’t  have known it from my reaction, actions or words.

Now if I believed in Penis Hype, I would have probably been like most women, took one look at that and been, nope, not for me.  I tend to leave the penis hype up to the men themselves.  I’m a sexual person and I value the sexual performance much more than the size.  What’s the use of fucking a big dick if it doesn’t work?  Hate that, it’s happened a couple of times.  What happens?  The big dick men don’t know what else to do.  They lack the mouth and finger skills that a more apt lover has acquired because they relied on their big penis too much to get the job done.

Maybe your thinking that he just wasn’t that into me. Well if he was on my ass at the club, bought me breakfast, followed me home, all for some pussy, trust me, he’s into me, he just can’t seem to stay in me.

I’ve had men of all penis sizes say things to me about their size, which just goes to show they’re the ones perpetuating the hype. I’ve been told, as I’m about to climb into my bed and onto my date, “Well, this is it.”  That’s the quickest way to make my sex drive go bye-bye.  Nothing like saying well I have a small dick hope your not disappointed. You know, if you weren’t, I wouldn’t be, but since you put it out there, now that you mention it, it’s going to be a problem.

Next on the list is “Who have you been fucking?”  Apparently my date got a little intimated by the size of my suction cup dildo. Now how was I to know from our previous conversation of how he was going to introduce me to the “Big Dick Club” and “Tear my Ass Up” that this man had a 4 inch penis?  I brought out the dildo (a modest 7 inches, which 5-7 is considered average) so we could start having some fun and instead, because of his own penis issues he got intimated.   Which was even more interesting is that he also carried a pistol that was bigger than his penis.  He put that  pistol down his pants to give himself confidence  He used it as an extension of his manhood because he had succumb to penis envy, all before meeting me.

Then one of my all time favorites “I wish I had a bigger dick to fuck you with.” Gee now that you said something, me too!  He lacked skills, wasn’t into pleasing a woman at all.  That wasn’t his penis size, just his general personality.  Once again he was the one to bring up his penis size, is it because they think that’s all us ladies care about?  No, it’s just me.

I’m a firm believer that I will go through as many dicks as it takes until I find the one that fits, and not just into my vagina but into my life, my heart, my soul, my entire being.  The whole purpose of sex is to become as one.  I know that when I find that right one, we’ll fit together in all aspects of our lives and size won’t matter, it’ll be this size fits Ginger.

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