Phish Saves America: Reunion Shows Check-In II.

The internet here is iffy, hence the spotty blogging, but I managed to get make it on here for more than a few minutes today and thought I'd offer a quick rundown of events since the last post. Click here to follow me on Twitter and get my more regular, up-to-date check-ins and observations.

1. We traded our Saturday night ticket for a Friday night ticket successfully, and were among the masses of adoring fans when the band played their first show in nearly five years on Friday night. It was incredible, to put it mildly. I laughed (see below), I cried, I hugged my friends, I danced like there was no tomorrow, and had a soul-cleansing good time overall. The band was on, opened with the "Fluffhead" everyone was dreaming about and went on to play some of their toughest composed pieces, Trey hit all his notes perfectly, and overall, the overall consensus seemed to be the Phish that used to blow everyone's mind on a nightly basis was 110% back.

2. Spent much of Saturday looking for tickets. About an hour before the show, we found a dude who traded Phil's Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards + $450 for two tickets. About five minutes later, we came to the realization that we'd been ripped off and that our tickets were good fakes and close fakes, but fakes nonetheless. We soldiered on, however, hearing stories of hope about previous unluckies who were admitted into the venue anyway, later, after the rest of the crowd had been corralled inside. So, we tried to get in anyway. We were not successful, not even a little; the tickets had "already been scanned." I did the pathetic, dramatic, crying-in-front-of-security-and-police thing for about an hour to no avail. (No, the police could not or would not do anything even though someone virtually stole $500 from me. No report, no empathy — nada.) Hence, I spent much of last night sleeping in my hotel room, and hit up a McDonald's later with my post-show phriends to grease away my sorrow.

3. Picked up my press wrist band today, getting the photo pass later for Photographer Phil, and will be enjoying the last of the three shows tonight. A full report of this weekend's events with pics will be posted here later.

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