Picture review: Sailing into New World with City of Ships, Guiltmaker & Liquid Limbs

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City of Ships Mosaic 5.29.09

City of Ships is Eric Jernigan (guitar/vocals) and Andrew Jernigan (bass) with Daniel Schmidt (of Gainesville based Giuseppe) playing drums for the summer!


Guiltmaker 5.29.09 - 03

Like a phoenix, Guiltmaker rose from the ashes of some of Florida's most notorious hardcore bands (Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, Early Grace), and successfully incorporates just a tad of their hardcore pasts into a promising present. It is hard to discuss Guiltmaker without bringing up their hardcore roots, but it really is a cop-out to classify them as just another post-hardcore band. In his Reax review of Guiltmaker's new record, Dilemmas (Kiss of Death), Mike Delach essentially comes to the same conclusion: "The album is beautiful and epic at times, the way a really, really good post-hardcore album should be, if I were to consider this a post-hardcore album. Which I don't." Meaning that if you were a hardcore kid in the '90s, you will love Guiltmaker because their music grew the same way your musical tastes did. If you weren't a '90s hardcore kid, you will still like Guiltmaker because they are simply grand. Until you can get your hands on the new record, catch them live - Guiltmaker is playing on the Frodus reunion shows June 18 (Orlando), June 19 (Gainesville) and June 20 (Washington DC).

Guiltmaker Mosaic 5.29.09

Guiltmaker is Shaun Drees (guitar & vocals), Dan Radde (guitar & vocals), John Hayes (drums) and Dave Teten (bass).

Liquid Limbs

Liquid Limbs 5.29.09 - 21

Liquid Limbs is a newish Gainesville-based duo specializing in experimental rock with a bunch of catchy pop hooks thrown in for good measure. I have seen them a couple times and am impressed with what they manage to pull of as a twosome. A few days after the show, I am still humming this line, "It's better to be a bumblebee than a fly..." These boys put on a dynamic, fun live show with their tongues sticking out nearly in perfect harmony. Their current release is Orquid (Sound Study Recordings).

Liquid Limbs

Liquid Limbs is Kevin Nowak (guitar/vocals) and Chase Permann (drums).

City of Ships sailed into Ybor City last Friday, May 29, and headlined a New Granada Show at New World Brewery with Tampa favorites Guiltmaker and Gainesville-based Liquid Limbs.

City of Ships 5.30.09

City of Ships

Currently hailing from Richmond, Va., City of Ships produces a unique brand of heavy yet clever post-hardcore rock. Live, the band delivers a mega sound that is LOUD ... the last time my ears felt like this (i.e., as if they were bleeding) was after a Deadguy/108 show in the mid-'90s. With long hair, and some strategic fan placement, the headbanging was ON. But to call City of Ships a headbanging rock band means you are missing the point. Their music is complex and incorporates a variety of musical influences all rolled up in a unique package. They are one of the few bands that you love listening to both on disc and live. City of Ships has a new record due out on July 21, 2009, Look What God Did To Us (Translation Loss Records), and they are touring extensively this summer across the US and Europe. In the meantime, check out their myspace page for teaser songs.

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