Pimps, get your lazy asses out of my club

Sure I'll go work 6 nights a week, 9-10 hour shifts, rubbing my naked body all over some fat sweaty guy just to hand over every single penny I make. No social life. No friends. Nothing but a pimp and the other girls he fucks. Nothing but work.

Sign me up!

One girl I worked with years ago used to come into the club at 7pm and work until 5am. She was definitely the top earner in the club, easily passing a thousand dollars a night. She did this 5-6 days a week with no break, no vacations, no family trips, no nothing. The only thing she got in return was an expensive car every couple of years and some nice jewelry. Sound worth the hassle to you? Yeah...me either. She came in with bumps and bruises and the occasional black eye, and was expected to slap some concealer on it and continue working. Nice. What a stand-up guy. She was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen, but this life took it's toll on her. She eventually became addicted to drugs and ended up in jail a few times. Now she looks about 10 years older than she is. This same guy once swindle a girl out of all her inheritance. I don't know where she ended up, but chances are she's still a working girl when she could have been set for life with the right people around her.

Again, sign me up!

Another girl told me what it was like to have a "man" who had other girls working for him. She couldn't even look at other guys outside of work, yet he was able to fuck his other girls?! Nice. Some girls are forced to live with each other. Some have to pretend to get along. Others don't meet the other girls, and some don't even know there are other girls.

Ok, so not only do these girls dance, some of them are encouraged to meet customers outside for extra money. I don't know exactly what goes on, but I'm sure they're not just dancing! How can a man allow someone he claims to care for sleep with strange men for money? Those men may be law enforcement for all they know! Yes, I want a man who is ok with me going to jail, all in the name of money. Gotta pay that mortgage, I guess!

Another girl I worked with many years ago was conned into buying a house that was way outta her budget. $2800 a month to be exact. Every night, working her ass off in and out of the club, giving her man all her money and expecting him to pay the bills on time. Wrong. She woke up one morning to find her cell phone shut off for lack of payment. That didn't seem so bad compared to the foreclosure papers she was served later. Where did the money go? It's like that question "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" The world may never know.

So after hearing all these stories, I decided to talk to some of these pimps. Of course, like I expected, their answers were quite different. One claimed he never hit his girls. He forgets that one time I witnessed him hit a girl in the parking lot of a local eatery. One guy said his girls never saw customers outside the club. Maybe he didn't know that his girl once invited me to go in on a "double" with her. I asked as many questions as I could think of, all the while knowing I was being hosed.

I sat there while I was being preached to, as if his rhetoric was somehow going to seep through my thick skull and I would want to be with him. Amazed, I kept listening. His girls have perfect credit, own nice homes, and drive fancy cars. They have lots of pretty clothes and jewelry, too. He takes them out to dinners and movies sometimes. What is it all worth? Is having nice things worth not having a REAL life? If I were giving you money, I'd at least like a fucking thank you at the end of the day. Hell, I'd even settle for "good job".

Of course I'm kidding, people. I couldn't imagine in a million years allowing a man to exploit me like that. If a girl is going to take her clothes off for a living, whether dancing or for escorting, she should be free to do with her money as she wants. True, some girls can't handle it and end up in a ditch somewhere, but there are plenty of girls with a good head on their shoulders who can make it though this life without the "help" of some lazy piece of shit who really just doesn't want to work. Yeah, one guy has a magazine. One does real estate now. One customizes cars. They all seem to be moving on to different areas, but they still have one thing in common: a WOMAN got you there. It was HER money who afforded you these opportunities, NOT YOURS.

So the next time you're buying the latest shoes, a new Land Rover, or putting 30K into making your car ghetto-fabulous, remember this: one day all those girls, like the ones before them, will wise up and leave your sorry ass. Eventually you'll be too old to pull new ones, or most chicks will already know who you are and want nothing to do with your washed-up ass.

What will you do then, Mr. Pimp? You'll be a square, just like the rest of us.

To read more by Ava check out hookersdrugsandbooze.com

Over the past 15 years, I've seen some crazy shit. These days, nothing really surprises me, with the exception of PIMPS. How do these guys operate? What the hell do they say to get girls willingly to hand over their hard-earned money every night?!

I asked a few girls who had been in the lifestyle and also talked to a couple of pimps. I got the answers I expected, even though they weren't all true. I'll let you guess who the fibbers were, but I bet you already know.

I asked the girls how they got into working for a pimp in the first place. Was it just because he was good-looking? Mind-blowing sex? Promises of material things? Amazingly the answer was all of the above.

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