Planned Parenthood protests ‘anti-women' bills

-A bill that will redistribute funds collected from Florida’s “Choose Life” license plates.

-A bill that requires clinics to perform an ultrasound on a woman seeking an abortion with a provision that gives women the option of hearing a description of the ultrasound or the ability to view the ultrasound.

-A bill that places tighter restrictions on a minor obtaining a judicial bypass of the mandatory parental notification for abortion.

-A state constitutional amendment to ban public funding for abortions in Florida.

-A bill removing public funding for abortions in health care exchanges created by the federal health care reform bill.

The only women's health bill approved by the House but rejected by the Senate was a bill that defined fetal viability, and placed heavy restrictions on clinics performing abortions in Florida.


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Tuesday, May 10, Planned Parenthood of Sarasota and St. Petersburg hosted protests against the passage of five abortion bills Governor Rick Scott is expected to sign into law. Throughout his campaign Scott was vehemently pro-life, stating that he was dedicated to approving any abortion bill that came his way.

The Florida House passed six laws related to women's reproductive health, five of which also made it through the Senate. The five laws now awaiting Scott's signature are as follows:

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