Polyamory: a blend of polygamy and swinging

* If you and your S/O are both dating a third person at the same time - you're in what is called a triad.

* If you and/or your S/O have sex with someone, but don't date them, and you've done so with the consent from all parties involved - you're swingers. Most threesomes fall into this category.

* If you are married to more than one person at the same time- that's polygamy. PS> it's not just for LDSSA break away cults.

* If you and your S/O are seeing another person behind your partner's back- that's cheating.

Don't worry. We'll come back to this stuff later.

My personal set-up involves my live-in boyfriend, The Puppy, and a long-distance boyfriend, Mr. Chaotic. They know about each other. They're both okay with the fact that they have to share me. Well... sometimes Mr. Chaotic gets jealous that The Puppy gets to see me everyday... Or The Puppy grumps that I was chatting online with Mr. Chaotic when I was supposed to be getting ready to go out with him... - but other than that they get along well. We form a "V relationship." That means both guys are dating me; they don't date each other. They are casual acquaintances at best; friendly rivals at worst. Both treat me well and make my panties wet--which is all I care about. Everything else is the same as any other couple. We argue, we love, we cuddle, and work our way through everything else life has to offer.

Welcome, to our little slice of normalcy. :p

Most people are confused about the difference between polyamory, polygamy, swingers, and cheating. Polyamory refers to having more than one, simultaneous, committed relationship where all parties know about the other and consent to the set-up.  Polygamy refers to being married to multiple people at the same time. Swinging is when a committed couple engages in casual sex with persons outside of their relationship with the consent, and sometimes inclusion, of both parties. Cheating is sneaking around behind your S/O's back. I can't think of anyone (polyamorous, polygamous, or swinger) that condones that kind of behavior.

How do you know which flavor you're dealing with? Simple.

* If you are dating more than one person at the same time, and both parties know about it and are okay with it - you're in a polyamorous relationship. What we call a V to be exact.

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