Pornaoke at the Pegasus: A delight for the ears and the eyes!

[image-1]With no foreplay or storyline, the "films" were very much the same, just with different performers and locations (I'm no porn critic, though). As for the karaoke, there's not much to say -- karaoke doesn't mean "tone deaf" by coincidence. There were a few highlights of the night, like the duet sung by two guys over the track "The Internet is for Porn" from the musical Avenue Q (how appropriate), bad porn with a handheld camera that took place on an abandoned tennis court, some up-close-and-personal DVDA and all of the young college boys glued to the screen while their oblivious girlfriends chatted away. What a great excuse for these guys to get away with watching porn right in front of girls without being reprimanded or being called pervrts! I came to the conclusion this is why Pornaoke has stayed so popular.

Overall, it was a good time to be had by all. The Pegasus is a fun dive and Pornaoke is something you just have to experience before you die. It's also a great place to learn about the birds and the bees or if you're just plain curious about new sex positions to try.

The Pegasus Lounge is located at 10008 N. 30th St. in Tampa; Pornaoke takes place Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

What happens when you combine naked people with the tone deaf and put them in a dive bar? Pornaoke! Yes, the shockingly infamous social event where people sing (or attempt to) karaoke while cheaply shot porn plays on a big screen behind them. It's been going on every Wednesday for about six years at the Pegasus Lounge in Temple Terrace and is still going strong.

I'm not exactly quite sure of the crowd I was expecting to encounter during my first visit a few weeks ago — maybe a mid-sized crowd of late twentysomething regulars you'd see on any Friday night. The website lists karaoke starting at 10 p.m. and I arrived on time to an empty bar. I was told by the KJ (karaoke DJ, if you don't know the lingo) that he'd start it when the place got a little more crowded — 30 people maybe. By the time he actually started it was 11 p.m. and the place was packed to the brim with barely legal "alternative" kids sporting long greasy hair and t-shirts with bands I'd never heard of, only a handful of whom could legally drink. I actually felt old for once and I'm 25. But, I figured, who cares? It's a bar, just drink some more and have a good time laughing at the free entertainment.

The festivities started with a cheap -looking hardcore porn involving two young gentlemen entering the apartment of a skanky cougar woman who got right down to business.

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