The Rays

Team announces it's dropping the "devil." Makes sense now that Vince "Prince of Darkness" Naimoli has left the building.

UPN-WB Merger

America's Next Top Fran to feature women from Queens competing in shrill, annoying voices for a job as Donald Trump's nanny.

Wendy Wasserstein


State of the Union

This just in: We're living in a post-9/11 world.

Formula 410

Oh, yes, we're sooooo ready.

Silvio Berlusconi

Italian premier pledges abstinence until election. He does, after all, represent the Hard Right.

Heath Ledger Shut Out at Awards — Again

Voters finally getting tired of Brokeback Mountain jokes.

A Million Little Pieces

Seriously, if you buy any book based on the recommendation of Oprah Winfrey, you pretty much deserve whatever you get.

Quote of the Year (So Far)

Paul Giamatti on acting: "It's great, but I found the best thing about it is hanging around the craft-service table with other actors and crew people, eating doughnuts."

Now That's Zippy

tbt* touts "our list" of guy flicks — as written by Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Compiled by Weekly Planet staff

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