Potential date or creep: Rebecca considers fan mail

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The number thrower: While I am flattered that a man who sees me in my car would chase me down for the chance to meet me, or at least give me his phone number by flinging it into my open car window, I'm also a bit creeped out by this phenomenon.  Am I that beautiful that you need to speed around downtown Tampa to figure out which way I have gone in an attempt to meet me?  Probably not - he's a creep.

The instant messager: We have all exercised poor judgment when giving out our instant messanger ID.  It's fun to chat with someone new now and then, and for the most part it is pretty harmless.  I've been totally wrong with some guys.  Sometimes the person on the other end of IM is sure that since I said hello back once or twice, that I must want to date/fuck him.  Come on guys, are you serious?  The other day I received a hello message  and when I didn't respond in a timely manner he said something to the effect of, "Do you not want to talk to me anymore? Did you block me?"

I suppose I should 'man up' and just say I am not interested AGAIN, but some men just don't get the hint no matter how many times it is said. Yes, creepy.

Email stalker: I receive a lot of strange emails. Men from all over the world seem to have this illogical notion that I want to have sex with them or at least perform sexual acts on camera for them. I tend to ignore these types of emails and yet they keep sending them with creepier and creepier messages:

I don't know what you mean by an innie or outie vagina, can you send me examples.

Can you send me pictures of your feet, your toes, the soles of your feet.

Want to meet up for sex and btw I am going to bring my sister

Wtf??? Really creepy!

These men are all creeps, and i do not go on dates with creeps. Just because I participate in the swinging lifestyle and write about sex doesn't mean that I'm open to dates or sex with any dude who happens by.

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to work Monday, Fisher and Boy from the 97X morning show played a creepy voicemail from a dude attempting to get a date.  The bit was about a woman who was approached by a  guy who asked her out. She wasn't interested and was only able to get rid of him by giving him her business card.  Probably a dumb move, but I sympathize. The guy called her two times leaving two very long, creepy messages.  Some men just can't imagine why any female wouldn't want to date or sleep with them. This made me consider all the creepy ways men have tried to weasel their way into my life, or at least my vagina.

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