Pre-Election Day Links

It's all comes down to tomorrow, ya'll. Election Day 2008. Twenty-two months in the making. From Iowa to Florida, our hearts and minds have been twisted and turned by the media blitz.

So, what's a few more links, right

Quick and painless guide to voting. No. 1: Find your poll place.

Now, make sure your vote counts!

The one voting group you didn't expect to swing the election.

Watch out for tickets on Election Day, St. Pete residents.

"I expect them to be pretty pissed off." — Josh Simmons, chairman of the "Gators for McCain" who revealed yesterday that he voted for Obama.

Not surprising: Some St. Pete nutball's customized political sign urging folks to "Vote White." What is surprising: The number of yokel neighbors who aren't bothered by it.

Remember that South Dakota abortion ban defeated in 2006? Well, it's baaaack.

The art of the prank call, featuring Sarah Palin:


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