Prendergast challenges Castor to debate

Castor faces Republican Mike Prendergast in November.  On Tuesday, Prendergast wrote to Castor, requesting that they debate the issues before the election.

Dear Kathy:

The people of the 11th district have overwhelmingly expressed their desire to better

understand our positions on topics of the utmost importance to them.  It is our duty

and obligation as representatives of our community to allow them that opportunity.

Therefore, I ask that you commit to four public debates so that we can meet with the

constituents of our district and answer their questions.

Please ask your staff to contact my office as soon as possible so that we can arrange

our schedules and inform our constituents of our desires to hear their voices.   My

telephone number is: 813-xxx-xxxxx.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours in service,

Mike Prendergast

CL contacted Castor's campaign office for a reply.  We've not yet heard back yet.  Nor, do we suspect, has Prendergast.

Castor did participate in a forum shortly before the August 24 primary against all four Republicans in their primary, as well as the lone Democrat in her race, Tim Curtis.

As we've heard every day for approximately 8 months now, the GOP is going to do very well in November.  How well? Nobody knows of course, though Fox News commentator Dick Morris, who was wildly off virtually every prediction he made in 2008 (and will be in 2012 when Hillary Clinton doesn't challenge Barack Obama) has a column out in The Hill where he boldly predicts the current Congressional leadership will suffer "the biggest defeat in midterm elections in the past 110 years, perhaps surpassing the modern record of a 74-seat gain set in 1922. They will also lose control of the Senate."

There are certain seats even Morris probably believes aren't attainable for a Republican, and one of them might be in Florida's 11th District, currently held by Democrat Kathy Castor.

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