President Obama to get around addressing the public about why we have troops attacking in Libya; Latest foreign policy move is too much for NYTimes Columnist Bob Herbert, and Newt Gingrich's lame answers on Fox News Sunday:Mitch Perry Report 3.28.11

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Today begins the 10th day of military action by the U.S., some European countries, and even the occasional Arab contributor to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya.  But only this evening at 7:30 p.m. EDT will Barack Obama finally sit down with the American public to inform them about why this is happening.

Yesterday top Cabinet members Hillary Clinton from the State Dept. and Defense Secretary Bob Gates made the rounds on three of the biggest Sunday morning shows (but pointedly blowing off Fox News) to give a sneak preview of what Obama will say and laying out the mission and what's expected out of it.  At least they were challenged by news anchors - Obama will get the stage to himself to convince a public that in many cases has no idea why we're now engaged there.

Sometimes known as "the conscious of the (New York) Times," columnist Bob Herbert has written his last column for the Grey Lady, calling it quits so that he can concentrate on writing a new book.  In his last column, Herbert attacked the Obama administration for now going into Libya while American at home continue to struggle to survive.

And with the first Republican Presidential debate scheduled in a little over a month, there are still lots of "potential" candidates out there, but still very few who have committed officially into the race.  Newt Gingrich is in that category. But honestly, after his performance yesterday on Fox News Sunday, can he really be given any credibility?


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