Prevent future egg recalls by supporting local farmers; upcoming screening of Fresh at HCC

In addition, small farmers don’t use the disgusting practices that are found in industrial eggs grown in filthy, unhealthy, heavily drugged (antibiotics and growth hormones) "conventional" settings.

Luckily, Florida did not have any tainted eggs shipped in, but billions of eggs were shipped from two outside facilities to many parts of the country. We, as a country, do not need to have one facility grow billions of eggs in an unhealthy environment. It's time to support small local farmers and also get really interested in the Florida Department of Agriculture Food Safety meetings -- don’t let this continue or develop in Florida. Food raised or grown like our grandmothers bought wouldn’t make us sick. Return to small farms and healthy nutritious food.

If you haven't seen FRESH - now is the time. It will be shown at Hillsborough Community College on Dale Mabry, September 23 at 6:30 pm. Check or their Facebook page for more details. Do this to protect yourselves.

The following is a piece by Gail Eggeman, chapter leader of the Slow Food Tampa Bay organization and founder of the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market.

There's been a lot of news about the current egg recall. It is no surprise that industrially grown chickens/eggs are creating sickness.

Eggs bought locally from a farmer don't have the risk of salmonella poisoning like conventionally grown eggs. When eggs are laid they have a natural protective coating that has them last longer without spoiling and, more importantly, it provides a natural immunity to the egg making it far less likely to pass on salmonella. Now the state of Florida doesn't believe that. They require every egg sold for human consumption in Florida to be washed in a chlorine solution — taking away the healthy protection. So then the egg becomes at risk of salmonella, especially if laid in an industrial setting.

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