Pride Day Survey: Is U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan gay?


OK, then. I know, among gay men in particular, the degree to which someone is rumored to be gay corresponds to his level of hotness (c.f., Gabe Kapler), but, well, that picture....

Anyway, it'd be really cool if the nation's current #1 sports hero/heartthrob turned out to be a player on the LGBTeam. What do you think? Wanna vote on it? Add a comment below, or come by Creative Loafing's booth at the St. Pete Pride Festival today — we'll be in front of Queenshead. Assuming the wi-fi is working, we'll have the 2:30 p.m. U.S./Ghana match playing on our laptop, and you can watch the game, and/or assess Donovan's assets, for yourself.

I'm only peripherally interested in the World Cup, but I — along with several other men both gay and straight who popped up from their CL office cubicles as soon as this subject came up  — am happy to talk about an Important Question: Is U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan gay?

The discussion was prompted by an unctuous front-page report in the New York Post that Landon's winning goal against Algeria on Wednesday also won back the heart of his estranged wife, actress Bianca Kajlich.

I thought the story alone was enough to make Landy suspect — it read like one of those faked-up studio-produced stories about the love life of Rock Hudson, circa 1955. But the guys in the office, at least the ones who were willing to accept that Our Hero is a little light in the cleats, added another key element: Gaydar. Both gay and straight men (can straight men even have Gaydar?) said that Donovan's readings were off the charts.

They had various reasons — the way he talks, the way he looks, etc, etc — which all seemed to me to be open to debate. But then they produced this picture:

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