Pride Issue 2014: Straight to pride

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Nick Cardello
Pride Issue 2014: Straight to pride

“What you were saying earlier, about your boss and his husband — so your boss is a homosexual?”

Ya gotta love Mom — she’s not even sure it’s OK for her to say “gay.”

St. Pete Pride’s impending weekend festivities are probably not something my mother would enjoy. Not because she’s a homophobe, but simply because she’s a little lady in her 70s, whose idea of fun runs more toward two glasses of wine and some cards with the family than a teeming throng of extroverted revelers whose collective sartorial expressiveness might (read: probably will) run the gamut from an Uncle Sam costume to a gold lamé banana-hammock. (I gotta get her to a drag show at some point, though. I think she’d enjoy that immensely.)