Product review: The Screaming O Vibrating Ring

The Screaming O transforms any penis into the Ironman of cocks; using one of these soft gel vibrators is like strapping a jet pack onto your Johnson.

giant vibrating dildo during sex. However,  trying to make some women climax without the aid of external stimulus, like a vibrating cock ring, can be the equivalent to mining for gold in a dark cavern without a minor's headlamp or pick axe. Whatever your situation, the Screaming O can recharge and electrify your sex life.

The Screaming O comes in a package the size of a three pack of condoms for around $5.95. The thimble-sized vibrator is attached to a soft gel ring that slips over the condom, providing the added benefit of anchoring the condom and preventing slippage. If the female claims she doesn't need any extra stimulus, the man can argue the vibrations are for him. However, the real reason a man should want to use the Screaming O is for the mental stimulation of making his partner writhe with pleasure. Within moments of penetration, the vibrations will melt all of the female's inhibitions about using a toy. Not only will this provide the female with added stimulation, this ring makes the woman grind on the male more intensely and anticipate each trust.

The Screaming O is ideal for easing any couple into sex-toy play. This energizer pack is not intimidating or expensive; it looks and feels like a toy you'd buy from a quarter machine at the drug store. Its compact size also eliminates the problem of not having a vibrator handy at a lover's house, or the awkwardness of trying to bring one over.

A few words of caution. Long before you think about having sex, figure out how to turn the vibrator on. Nothing kills the mood or turns off a toy-resistant partner faster than searching for the on-switch.

Also, the battery pack only lasts 25-30 minutes. For most sex sessions this is enough. However, the last thing you want to do during an electrified round of sex is unplug one of the main sources of pleasure. The fact that you can't switch out the batteries or reuse these toys can be a turnoff for many people, especially those who want to be green in the bedroom.  Some vibrating cock rings come with external battery packs, but these are often attached to wires and are clunky. While our society may not have reached the point technologically where everyone is flying around with jet packs, I see no reason why every man's manhood shouldn't be outfitted with a reusable cock ring. We just need a company like Screaming O to make the tiny vibrating insert able to be recharged with something like a detachable cellphone charger.

For more information, or to purchase a Screaming O, check out the website:

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The problem with real dicks is that they don't vibrate. While I've been able to teach my penis a few tricks, when I try to teach it to vibrate, it just stands at attention dumbly, waiting for a treat. The Screaming O addresses this problems, transforming any penis into the Ironman of cocks; using one of these soft gel vibrators is like strapping a jet pack onto your Johnson.

The word cock ring can be intimidating, provoking images of medieval torture devices.  Others may feel uncomfortable about adding an artificial stimulus to their sex life. In truth, many guys are made insecure by just the idea of their female partner whipping out a

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