Promoting Sustainability at Earth Day event at USF

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TECO advertised their products and electricity plans to help their customers save on their electric bills. They offered surge protectors for major appliances as well as computers and televisions. Their plans included options for fluorescent light bulbs and fluctuating electricity plans to give customers the chance to pay lower costs on the non-peak hours of usage.

Groups like Lid Works attend Earth Day and other events throughout the year to remind the public to recycle. They spoke about their container lids that can be recycled and reused and recycled again.

Good Living is a magazine to promote healthy living and healthy families. They participate in events like Earth Day to help inspire the parents to come out and support healthy alternatives. They are also representatives of the Children’s movement of Florida. Their organization tried to help parents obtain the adequate funding for early childhood development.

Many different environmental supporters showed up to the event. Several ladies commented that “We are not radicals, but we care.” Other supporters wore homemade signs fighting various growth hormones fed animals.

One man attended the event because he enjoys “seeing people who are concerned with the environment.” Brad Bridgham was interested in the work that the Sierra Club was doing. He hopes to combine his engineering skills with environmental efforts to “make technology help the environment.”

Many of the people attending the event spoke highly of environmental efforts to preserve the planet for future generations.

“People don’t need to go 100%, they can take one step at a time” to help sustain the planet, says Shawna Neckar is the Program Coordinator at the Office of Sustainability for the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida.

As a mother of four, Neckar believes it is important to eat healthy, fresh, and real food. She supports local food markets.

The Earth Day event held at USF’s Botanical Gardens on Saturday was meant to remind the community that sustainability is important.

Neckar defines sustainability as “leaving this world in a state that lasts for many generations to come.”

This was Neckar’s first Earth Day event with the Sustainability Program at USF, but the event has been held at the Botanical Gardens for three years now. The Sierra Club previously organized Earth Day Tampa Bay.

The Sierra Club was also one of the vendors the event, their booth attempted to reach out to the community to draw in supporters for their cause. They aimed to protecting the environment and the planet as a whole.

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