Raising the next ecoist

[image-1]What does this mean? Ultimately it will mean that parents must do far more than teach children the importance of recycling. They must demonstrate through their actions the need to make their hard-earned dollars speak for the planet too. For example, there are many companies making items that are natural, organic, and chemical free. There are also companies, such as the website GoGreenItems, which makes such items readily available in a single location. All of these groups will also be working towards such goals as a zero carbon footprint, and zero waste whenever possible.

Sure, some of the products purchased through such companies will have higher prices than what is available in the local “big box” store, but if you raise children who understand the significance of consumer choices and individual habits then the necessary global changes will come.

Over the past fifty years childhood has been revolutionized, and while some of the changes are not so good, the fact that kids are aware of the need to save the environment is a good thing. This is due to the fact that there are many tools to be put into their hands in order to help them shape their own future, and it all starts at home.

It is nice to imagine a time in the far-distant future when all of the earth-friendly and carbon reducing efforts being made today will have succeeded in creating a more stable environment. Of course, the sort of progress being made today can only continue if parents raise children who are ecologically-minded too.

While this can begin with the use of eco-friendly childcare products that include bottles, toys, and skin care items, it must go far beyond that. Today’s children live in a world that is much more aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle than in previous generations. Certainly there have been times when people were sure to retain some materials that were in short supply (such as in times of war), but modern consumers understand that it shouldn’t take extremes or scarcity to make us aware of our habits.

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