Ralph Reed's Faith & Freedom Coalition to hold event at Tampa Theater before RNC

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The perpetually baby faced Reed is now a mature 51.

In an interview with Newsmax.TV back in June, Reed said his main focus is on getting Evangelicals out to the polls this November, saying polls showed that 17 million self-described Evangelicals failed to vote. Though of course he's not telling those Evangelicals who to vote for, he slammed President Obama in the interview for what he said was the president's attack on religious freedom:

"If you look at this administration going into federal court, as it did in the Seattle Christian school case, where they alleged and argued in court, in an amicus curiae brief filed by the Department of Justice, that churches should not be able to determine who they hire — that had never been argued in federal court by an administration in the history of this country.

"Fortunately, they lost that decision nine to nothing, but that just goes to show you how they’re either insensitive to or they’re outright hostile to the expression of religious beliefs in our country….On issue after issue, this administration has shown an insensitivity and a hostility to religious freedom.”

The contrast between Obama and Romney is striking, Reed said, especially on social issues "whether it’s the definition of marriage, where Barack Obama has now flip-flopped; whether it’s religious liberty, where Barack Obama through Obamacare is trying to restrict the freedom of religious charities, churches, hospitals and universities; or whether it’s the protection of innocent human life, where Barack Obama’s pursued a very pro-abortion, extremist agenda and where Mitt Romney and candidates running with him are pro-life.

This is as stark a contrast as you could have on fiscal, economic, cultural and foreign policy and national security issues that I’ve ever seen in my career.”

A bevy of conservative rock stars have been invited to the Faith & Freedom Celebration, an event produced by the Faith & Freedom Coalition, the group started in 2009 by Ralph Reed that will take place at the Tampa Theater on Sunday August 26.

According to a press release, invited speakers include Ann Romney, Marco Rubio, Newt Gingrich, Scott Walker, Bob McDonnell, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Sen. Jim DeMint, Herman Cain, Pam Bondi, Rick Scott, Jennifer Carroll and "many more."

“This will be an exciting event as we kick-off the 2012 Republican National Convention week,” said Reed, Chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. “It will provide our grassroots activist the first opportunity to hear from national political leaders coming to Tampa for the nominating convention.”

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