Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Retired Professional Wrestler, Sometime Actor (Spider-Man), Recording Artist

Hulk Hogan

This is not hype. It's real; I swear. Me and Hogan (who also lives in Pinellas County) have personal and business differences. He goes around talking all this shit, little girl stuff. He makes stuff up about me. He runs his mouth. He called my dad on the phone, which was not real classy on his part. Said something like if I didn't return his phone call, he would financially and physically squash my family. Silly shit. This is not soap opera stuff. Don't talk about someone's family. Talk to me, man to man. Two years ago, I challenged Hogan to a match that would benefit All Children's Hospital. I gave him two weeks to accept, but he fluttered, talked around it and didn't accept the challenge. I gave $10,000 to the hospital in the name of the Hulk Hogan Coward Fund. The challenge still stands. It won't be a wrestling match with all the theatrics. It'll be the real thing. He's taller, heavier and younger than me by six months (they're both 50). I'm not pickin' on nobody here.

Gold's Gym

It's my home gym. Everyone knows me, and everyone's cool. It's open 24 hours five days a week. If I'm having insomnia, I just get up and go to the gym. I have regular workout routines, but I don't have regular times. I'm definitely doing lighter weights and more reps these days. I'm not working heavy anymore, ever since that Spider Man stunt. I got hurt doing that. They put me upside down in a harness and I landed on my head for about 11, 12 takes in a row. In the wrestling ring, you go balls out — one time. I hurt my neck, my lower back, but then again I've taken a lot of abuse over the years.

Gold's Gym, 6421 66th St. N., Pinellas Park, 727-541-7296.

Carino's Italian Caffe

It's a hole-in-the-wall on Treasure Island. It has authentic Italian food. I take my mom there for Mother's Day. It's her favorite place. I bounce around the menu — the shrimp and scallops with linguine, angel hair pasta with grilled chicken. I eat healthy, but I'm not on Atkins or anything. I eat my carbs early in the day and then taper down.

Carino's Italian Caffe, 9524 Blind Pass Road., Treasure Island, 727-360-8502.

The Lobster Pot

It's right there on the beach. I've been going there for a lotta years. The people that introduced me to it were Hogan and his wife. That was back a lot of years ago. I get down there about once every four months. The lobster is great. That's a no-brainer.

The Lobster Pot, 17814 Gulf Blvd., Redington Shores, 727-391-8592.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I couldn't help but follow them last year. I'm not a big fanatic, but I like sports overall. I respect anybody who's been to The Show. I love to watch the game for the game itself but I don't get fanatically involved.

Mike Alstott

The way he shakes off those tacklers, he's an incredible athlete. The A-Train. He's great. I know him personally. He's a good family man.

The Beach, especially Treasure Island

I'm over the Ybor City thing. I got my diploma, with honors — with dishonors (laughs). I do a lot of staying at home. Walking the beach is my thing. Sunsets are my thing, anything to do with the beach. I love Treasure Island. I live there.

Siesta Key

I met my girlfriend there 30 years ago when I was playing minor league baseball. She was my first real girlfriend. We rolled together for two years, then when I went into wrestling I didn't maintain the relationship. I screwed it up, actually, as I often do. She went through a marriage, had two kids, and I went through a marriage. We got back together two years ago this month. Sometimes we slip down to Siesta Key for old times' sake.


CK's at Tampa International Airport

When I was playing baseball, I didn't have any money. (My girlfriend) got a job at CK's when it first opened. Not long ago, we went to dinner there on our anniversary just for memories' sake. The longest employee had been there for 22 years, so no one remembered her. We really felt old.

CK's Revolving Rooftop Restaurant is located atop the Marriott Hotel at the Tampa International Airport, 813-878-6500.

The Rock

Even though I don't know him, I have to give props to The Rock. Anybody who's the lead dog, who's running the show, you can make everyone underneath you miserable, or you can shake people's hands and make it a good atmosphere. That's what I hear about The Rock. When Hogan was on top, he would stir shit. Shit runs downhill, and if I'm underneath, I'm not into it.


I don't drink anymore. I drive a Viper. I have the original Hummer, not the H2. I do like a performance car with a lot of character.

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