Red, white and green: how to have an eco-friendly Fourth of July

A lot of people get excited for the fourth of July celebrations. Hot dogs, fireworks, a possible day off, friends and family are all fun associations that come with the celebration of America's Independence. Here are some tips to stay green while letting loose and having a good holiday weekend.

Bring your own:

If you are planning on attending a Fourth of July party, bring your own cup, plate and silverware with you. This way you save on excess waste while also being able to spark up a conversation piece when people ask you where you got your plate from. You may get some other people into the habit of doing the same. If you are the one hosting the party, save some money and the environment by laying out all reusable silverware, cups, tableclothes, etc.

Organic BBQ time!

Having a BBQ for the Fourth is as American as apple pie, so mix it up this holiday and serve some organic goodies on the grill. Try organic chicken kebabs or organic hamburger meat or hotdogs. Also, try to throw in a few veggie hot dogs and burgers to let guests have a variety and also introduce 'meat lovers' to the world of faux-meat products. A lot of people will be surprised of how good they are and you may convert a few people to this lower calorie, lower fat alternative!

Go to the show:

Inevitably, with this holiday comes watch!

Green Drinks

You are already bringing your own cup and utensils so make sure you bring and/or supply some organic beverages at your party. Some of my favorite organic beers include Peak Organic and Samuel Smith's organic cider. Also, if you are buying non-alcoholic beverages, try stopping by a market to get fresh squeezed O.J. and other drinks to support the local community.

Have a Separate Recycling Area

If you are hosting the party or having a few people over, make sure to set aside for recycling of said drinks above and any other newspapers, magazines, etc that may end up at your house. Label the recycling in bright colors so people don't miss it and just plop it in the regular trash. Encourage guests to recycle and show that it is an easy way to help the environment.

Whatever your plans may be for this festive holiday, be safe, have fun and think green!!

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