Reel Projections, Tues., Jan. 13

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* After the success of WALL-E, director Andrew Stanton could have had any job at Pixar. His choice: an adaption of Edgar Rice Borroughs John Carter of Mars. Two interesting things about this production. 1. Though Stanton has long worked in animation, John Carter will be at least partially live-action, and 2. Pixar has "loaned" Stanton to Disney to work on the film. Did you know film studios could "loan out" their employees? I didn't. It sounds like a relic of the share-cropping days. Read all of Sci-Fi's interview with Stanton here.

* This week's DVD release selection is a bit thin. You've got collector's editions of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Funny Face on DVD (yawn),  Stiffler in the straight-to-DVD Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach, and Kevin Costner cashing in on the election just a few months too late in Swing Vote. For more upcoming DVD's, click here.


* Who's ready for Paul Blart: Mall Cop? Yeah, me neither. I'm not going to lie, I like Kevin James. His Don't Sweat the Small Stuff special was high-quality. (Killer bit: James' take on waterskiing.) I've caught a few episodes of his recently-defunt sitcom, The King of Queens, and it's far from terrible. Still, in previews, Paul Blart looks like a steaming pile of monkey shit meant to separate 13-year-old boys from their lunch money. Just because you're fat, Kevin, doesn't mean you have to roll around on the floor like a dog to get a laugh. Or maybe it does in Hollywood. What do I know? I still have my dignity.


* Picking up our Watchmen coverage, the above is Warner Bros.' newish clip for the superhero spectacular that has been airing during the NFL Playoffs. Meanwhile, rumors leaking out of the negotiations between Warner and Fox hint that the sides are close to settling, meaning we might get to see the movie on March 6 after all. (Here's the NY Times take on the wrangling.) You didn't really believe the studio weasels were going to kill this one, did you?

* Will Linda Hamilton reprise her role as Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator Salvation? Better start hitting the weights, Linda.

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