Reel Projections, Wednesday December 31

The hardened bad-boy actor has reportedly called out not-nearly-as-hard-or-bad Sean Penn for his "average pretend acting like he was gay" performance in Milk, which should do wonders to dissipate whatever goodwill Rourke's earned of late. Though if anyone knows a homophobe when he sees one, manly man Mickey surely does.

Kurt Loder (cue 1990s MTV News music) offers his list of the best in movies for 2008.

Filmstalker has the 10 Most Memorable Scenes of 2008. Three words: Nuke. The. Refrigerator.

Out with the old, in with the new: Meanwhile, Screen Rant has 10 — count 'em, 10 — Top 10 lists of the Most Anticipated Movies of 2009.

In the midst of its legal wrangling with 20th Century Fox over Watchmen, Warner Bros. has issued a resounding "fuck you" and released another featurette on the film, which includes commentary by director Zack Snyder. Like all the other movie sites pandering for hits, I'm reaching out to fanboys everywhere by including the video, below. However, unlike those other hacks, I will not be using "Watchmen" and "most hotly anticipated movie" in the same sentence. Wait … fuck!

The wait is over. Joe and I return to the studio for our fourth Reel Projections podcast, 20 minutes of windbagging about the best films of the year (most of which we didn't see), the biggest moneymakers and my utter lack of preparation for the show. Special Listener Bonus: another appearance by singer/songwriter Clint Eastwood.

Don't call it a comeback: Tired of hearing about Mickey Rourke's return to form in critics' darling The Wrestler? Well, you've got company, 'cause apparently so is Mickey.

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