Remembering the true spirit of the holiday season

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As we head into the next week and begin to make our New Year’s resolutions, let us choose to be in this state all year through! Let us enjoy one another every day.  Let us be of service to others all year through. Choose to be a forgiving and compassionate person all the time. Share your gifts and talents with others and be in your light every day. Choose to focus on what is most important and all the abundance in your life, your family, friends, having a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food to eat. Decide to be a new you this year, the real you that wants to shine through. Step into happiness and joy and share the bliss with others this holiday season! Embrace 2010 with a new attitude ready to open your heart to love yourself and others all year through!

Wishing you and yours joy in your hearts and peace in your souls this holiday season and always!

This time of the year is filled with busy plans to enjoy our family and friends, to connect with them and share our love and appreciation for one another.  It is also a time to open our hearts to others and share our abundance with those in need.  It seems as though many get caught up in buying presents and the stress that comes with cramming too much into too little time and expecting too much of ourselves. We over schedule our time for holiday parties, shopping and travel.

Let us not forget the spirit of the season. It is not about giving the best gift or overindulging in holiday goodies and champagne. The spirit of this time of the year is about opening our hearts to one another. It is about loving and appreciating our family, friends and all of the abundance in our lives no matter what our current environment is offering as far as challenges. It is about being a good person, being forgiving and compassionate, about sharing random good deeds with others to lift their spirits.

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