Retro-sexing, ex-sex, and re-cycling old flames

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Retro-sexing of a fuck buddy, I don’t see a problem with.  If it was fun, you both enjoyed the sex and there weren’t any emotional ties beyond a common desire to fuck each other‘s brain‘s out, I say go for it.  When it’s someone you already know and are comfortable with, they’ve already seen you naked and are coming around for seconds, sounds like great reasons to recycle and do some retro-sexing.  Another good reason to repeat is because of the number issue.  Usually women are more concerned with this than men.  This a good way to keep those numbers low.  No need to count the same person twice. Or, if your someone who doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience then do some retro-sexing!  Gain the experience that’s going to make you more comfortable when it comes to sex. Retro-sexing can be a time when you learn more about your sexual boundaries and limitations without having to continuously find new partners.

I’m no good at breaking up. All my relationships have ended badly so ex-sex is a BIG no no in my little black book. Once I’ve dated someone, had the relationship ups and downs and it’s down, there is no getting it back up with me. That’s the next girlfriend’s responsibility. The problem here is that as people we usually give in to our physical desires. We know how good the sex with our ex was so we give into our physical desires and not thinking about the emotional consequences that come with fucking an ex. If this person has already cause you emotional pain why give the pleasure of sex?

[image-1] Old flames. I think Alabama said it best. “There's an old flame burning in your eyes. That tears can't drown and make-up can't disguise. Now that old flame might not be stronger. But it's been burnin' longer. Than any spark I might have started in your eyes.” If your caught up with old flames, how are you suppose to move on to new ones? I used to have an old flame, first man I ever loved. That flame got in the way of my happiness with someone new. I hurt someone great because I couldn’t hide my old flame and no matter what he did, he couldn’t put it out. Maybe the old flame will turn into the current flame. I do so like it when that happens. You run into someone from your past and get the opportunity to hook up and when you do, it’s fire.

An inquisitive reader emailed me wanting to know my opinion on retro-sexing, ex-sex, & re-fucking an old flame.

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